SMS verification code, also known as one-time-password, dynamic password.

Marketing SMS

Also called Promotion SMS, send the messages with the purpose promoting the sale of goods or services.

Notificaiton SMS

To notify users or transfer certain information with SMS.

  • One-time-password SMS

    OTP is one of the many ways to verify the identity of users, and is usually used to verify user funds, etc.
    The identity of the person who performs sensitive operations such as login, logout, and fund transfer of important property security accounts. It can be used for the primary authentication of the user's identity, and it can also be used for the secondary authentication of the user's identity. Is two-factor authentication
    Commonly used means.
    Common such as platform registration verification code, secure login verification code, important information modification verification code, identity verification code, etc.

    For verification purpose

    [Snowfly] Your Snowfly Global SMS Platform verification code is 666888, valued within 5 minutes.

    [Snowfly] Welcome to use Snowfly international message services, the verification code for reset password is 123456, please don't share this message to anyone.

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  • Marketing SMS

    For Promotion purpose

    Refers to SMS for marketing purposes, to promote the sales of goods or services, and to send SMS for the purpose of getting more profit.
    Common such as e-commerce marketing, corporate marketing, game marketing, etc.

    [Snowfly] New arrivals! Please click www.snowflytel.com for more information, to unsubscribe please reply TD.

    [Snowfly] Christmas promotion! Mystery prize and more surprises waiting for you to find out, to unsubscribe please reply TD.

    [Snowfly] Open to both old and new customers, the betting start from 100 CNY, to unsubscribe please reply TD.

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  • [Snowfly] Your order to consign for shipment has been logged. Please wait for the express dispatch. For more information, please visit the official website

    [Snowfly] You got a package at XXX, please collect it before 5:00 p.m., the package will be returned after 2 days. If you have any questions, please call 400-993-1995.

    Notification SMS

    Refers to SMS to notify users of certain information, such as logistics notifications, consumption notifications, order notifications, service notifications, etc.

    For notification purpose

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  • Voice Verification

    For verification and communication

    The user clicks on the voice verification, and the verification call will be answered,Convert the SMS verification code to voice verification. 
    The user obtains the voice verification code through the mobile phone number when registering to prevent malicious registration and ensure the authenticity of the user. 
    During the fund transfer process, voice verification of the user's identity is required to ensure the safety of funds, such as confirmation of payment, quick payment, and confirmation of receipt. 
    When the user logs in to the website or APP with his mobile phone number, he calls and informs the user of the voice verification code, completes the user identity confirmation, and guarantees the security of the account. 
    When the user forgets the password, he will call the user’s mobile phone when registering by voice, inform the verification code, confirm the user’s identity, and complete the password reset to avoid losses.

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