Product 4.

Global Voice

Voice verification code, AI customer service, Voice robot.

Global Voice

For verification and communication

Global voice includes such as voice verification code, AI customer service, voice robot, etc. Based on the powerful VoIP infrastructure, the voice verification code provides more reliable registration conversion, upgrades the user experience, and promotes the conversion rate. The voice verification code is difficult to steal, safer and more reliable, the verification process is more efficient, and the verification rate is improved. Effectively prevent users from swiping orders. Simple docking, fast integration, safe and efficient.







Register verification

The user obtains the voice verification code through the mobile phone number when registering to prevent malicious registration and ensure the authenticity of the user.

Payment verification

In the fund transfer link, the user's identity needs to be verified by voice to ensure the safety of funds, such as confirmation of payment, quick payment, confirmation of receipt, etc.

Password verification

When the user forgets the password, he will call the user’s mobile phone when registering by voice, inform the verification code, confirm the user’s identity, and complete the password reset to avoid major losses.

Scenario application

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